Welcome to Iggy’s little piece of the internet which doubles as an all-night cafe because let’s face it, if you ended up here, it’s probably 3 A.M., you don’t really want to wake up yet, but you also can’t fall back asleep. That’s generally how every Denny’s he’s ever been to at 3 A.M. operates anyway.

He is an artist who is very busy to be bothered with this and had to have his extremely overcompensated (that is his own words) butler create this introduction.

Iggy travels the country to various conventions to meet, greet, entertain, and help support animals. It is an absolutely thrilling and wonderful experience. He is always blown away by how clever, smart, witty, talented and caring those he meets are.

Before things get really goofy here, (seriously this is probably the only ‘serious’ post you’ll see here) Iggy would like to say a few things.

Okay folks, let’s jam. This is the part where the teacher in high school turns their chair backwards and have that high school talk with you.

The Three Poached Eggs You’ll See Here

This ‘Up All Night’ eatery has a few major functions:

  • More interaction!
    • There’s a lot of things I’d like to do at conventions but they require a lot of setup and coordination. From time to time, I’ll post on my social links a form on here to fill out to be involved in some way. It might be a short questionnaire for a panel or a few questions about yourself to be used in a panel. For example, if I want to get some contestants for an elaborate game show, I need to know if you expect to be at that convention.
  • A Community Hub!
    • Want to know what I’m doing, where I’m going to be, and what major events are happening? Here and my twitter are good places to keep up with what’s going on.
  • More Content!
    • A lot of things I do besides what you probably know me for keep me pretty busy. But from time to time I come up with various writings, dumb ideas, or just find a funny video. Expect things to be quite casual, off the cuff, improvised, in character, awkward, etc. I’m having fun when I do this and I hope you enjoy it. It’s meant to sometimes be an experiment and evoke an emotional or feeling and sometimes be just for a fun/casual interaction, such as my extremely low-budget streams just to share some time together and play some games.