Iggy’s Got A Secret Announcement! It Has Guests!

Iggy’s Got A Secret – 7-8 PM EST – 29 August – stream.indyfurcon.com

It’s with much pleasure I am announcing a panel in which something will happen! Promise! Every panel needs guests and I am happy to announce them! We will be playing a real old timey game and I have many of you wonderful furs who filled out the contestant form joining me for the show!

Boozy Badger will be joining us. If you have not seen his twitch.tv/boozybadger streams, you should. He yells a lot!

Pandez Panda (twitter.com/PandezPanda) aka The Dez will be joining us!

Quotation Marks (twitter.com/QuotationMarkBB) will also be joining us!

Serathin will also be joining us (twitter.com/Serathin_saber). They stream their writing and gaming content on twitch.tv/SabredroneNetwork

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