Iggy’s Bewildered Riddle Starts Here!

A long long time ago.  I started a project to create my own riddle.  I was rummaging through my old files and thought this would be a fun and deeply interesting project to start again.
This riddle was inspired after I finished the notpr0n riddle (Link to notpr0n) and moved on to other riddles.  Inbetween riddling my brain off with those, this project was written.
There are plans to add new levels and rework levels that are probably too hard.  The reason the difficulty jump is rather large is because initially this was built for players who had completed notpr0n.
The starting page gives you the basic rules. 

A few pointers:
You should only be looking something up online when there is a google search bar. 
You should only ever be looking something up online when you know what you are seeking. 
There are a lot of little tricks you learn as you work through puzzles like this.  The most important one is probably to try everything! 
Try to consider the puzzle at hand and interpret the clues in a way that makes sense.  As you try something it will either start to add up into something more or you can try and determine what directions are terrible ideas to hopefully lead you towards the right answer. 
Sometimes it’s good to take a break and come back to a puzzle with fresh eyes.