What is a dream Iggy?

What is a dream Iggy? Lost in our man-made jungle, it’s no wonder we can’t describe our own feelings. We reach for the stars and find ourselves forever at a struggle with the human condition. It’s never enough. Nothing is ever enough.

— Julio Cortázar

You’re absolutely right. I once felt I needed to escape this lifestyle so I dialed a friend who lived in the great foothills of Islay, Norway. I stepped off the plane and after an hour driving north, the driver told me the road ends here. I grabbed my few belongings with me from his trunk, tipped in the local currency, and continued down a path. It wasn’t long until I had gotten to his cabin, in fact there were many domic cabins dotting a freeze dried wonderland that was quite thickly wooded but the trees had few leaves, a permanent winter state existed here. I met Jerry. As I approached his cabin, I kneeled and gave a friendly wave. Most of his people were barely four feet tall standing. He invited me to the warmth of his cabin and we sat down in a makeshift breakfast nook in his two room cabin. I said, “what makes this place so great, all the cards you send to me prompted me to finally come up here about such wonderful experiences you have.” Jerry said, his wife brought us coffee, “we are explorers, the last ones looking for a place where the buffalo roam.” “But where you are there are no buffalo,” I protested. “If you seek a buffalo, your spirit will guide you to them.” He raised his paw and pointed his fuzzy arm at the pictures behind him, the size of postage stamps. “That’s uther” he pointed at a sublime picture of him on a cliffside chasing the buffalo off the cliff horizontally. “Hmm” I said. “This one is clifford,” he pointed to another, of a hawk in a tree looking down upon him climbing onto the hawk’s branch. The hawk’s beak accelerating at the head of the animal. He showed me a few more all seemingly involving the same sublime style with a taste of Francis bacon. “This is quite gruesome.” I said. He replied, no not at all. Imagine being the first explorer, into an unknown territory. There’s danger everywhere. We gather in camps when we go on these, we celebrate together all night with a lot of dancing and drinking. Then we press on as the buffalo are one step ahead. It’s gripping one paw on the now and one paw to reach into everything you ever wanted. We don’t live long and our population lives and dies frequently. Our greatest explorers try everything and some find us food or a new habitat and others find everything we’ve always wanted.” “I nodded, I think I get it.” We went out on an adventure..

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