Iggy’s Contestant Search and Virtual IndyFurCon 2020

Hi, you’ve made it here. Sorry about the dust–PFFT *dust flies everywhere*–here’s a towel for your eyes. At any rate, there’s virtual indyfurcon in a couple weeks and I’d like for you to be involved. I understand it’s short notice, and this will not be the only opportunity (here’s looking at you Fursquared 2021) to be a part of the stuff I do.

But there’s a catch! I really need all you lovely furs interested in joining to fill out this form the best you can as it’ll help me figure out all the little details I need to make the shows I want to do work and if I have enough people to do what I want. There will likely be more forms in the future, but I will keep all responses from this one.

For virtual ifc, (which is 28 August-30 August) I really need furs who will be available at the time frames listed on the form. I would also like you to pay special attention to the hidden/secret talent question. There is a game I would really like to do, but I need a number of players for it. Examples: “I train snails to race” or “I used to be a rodeo clown.” Something fun that makes you unique that not everyone knows about you!

Here’s the form: https://forms.gle/hAwHv9P6Dcjosv6e7 . Thanks for checking this out and I hope you tune in to virtual IndyFurCon! My game shows are both on Saturday, and we have some gaming competitions in DOOM and Dr. Mario I’ll be helping out with as well. The whole event runs from Friday thru Sunday!

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